Born in Switzerland in 1983, Anne Golaz graduated in 2013 from the Photography Master Program of Aalto University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She wrote her master thesis «On Photobooks and Narratives». Previously she studied at the Photography School in Vevey and in 2012 she spent 6 months in NYC at the School of Visual Arts.

Her photographic approach deals mainly with the representation of rural communities and questions fundamental notions such as the sense of belonging to a place or the complex relation with nature.

Anne Golaz’s first work Rural Scenes has been exhibited in several places mainly in Switzerland and France since 2008. Her series Chasses (Hunting Games) was published by Infolio in 2010 and among the selected works for the Aperture Portfolio Prize in New York. Anne Golaz was part of the young photographers selected for the publication and the exhibition ReGeneration2.

Her Finnish series Metsästä (From The Woods) was exhibited for the first time in the Images Festival 2012 in Vevey CH and in several places since that. Metsästä was published by Kehrer Verlag and part of the selection of the best photobooks of 2012 by the Aperture Paris Photo First Book Award.

Anne Golaz is also a member of the Finnish artists collective Maanantai, and their common projects Nine Nameless Mountains and Between the Flashes of the Lighthouse. 

She has currently several projects ongoing mainly in Finland, Switzerland, France, USA. She enjoys teaching occasionally photography, narrative and photobook conceptualization. Together with Myriam Ziehli she created Aaluägä books, a collection of photobooks based in Lausanne represented during several photobook fairs and festival. 





2010-2013 : Master in Photography, Aalto University of Art and Design, Helsinki (TAIK)

fall 2012 : SVA, MFA International exchange program, School of Visual Art, NYC

2006-2008 : School of Applied Art, Vevey, Switzerland, Higher Training in Photography
2004-2006 : School of Applied Art, Vevey, Switzerland, Basic Training in Photography
2003-2004 : University of Lausanne, Switzerland (UNIL)





September 2016 : Visiting lecturer at Vevey School of Photography, CH

2016 : Aaluägä Books: Offprint London

2015 : Visiting lecturer at Vevey School of Photography, CH

2015 : Aaluägä Books: Offprint book fair, Paris 

November 2015 : Artist talk and portfolio reviews during the Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India

November 2015 : Artsit talk during the Kathmandu Photofestival, Nepal

October 2015 : Lecture at Srishti Institute, Bangalore, India

2015 : Visiting professor Aalto University of Art & Design, Helsinki, Photography department

2014 : Musée de l'Elysée & Paleo Festival, CH: artistic commission
Mai 2014 : Self-Publish Riga, Riga Photo Month 2014, lecture and artist talk - Maanantai Collective
2014 : Aaluägä Books: Vienna Photobook Festival, Unseen Amsterdam, Image Festival Vevey, Offprint Paris
2014 : Visiting artist workshop at Vevey School of Photography, CH
04.2014 : Symposium and reviews, Art University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Since 2011 : Member of Maanantai, Collective of Finnish Photographers, Helsinki
Since 2010 : Expert exam Basic Studies in Photography, Vevey School of Photography, CH
Since 2008 : Freelance Photographer on various commission works in Switzerland and Finland
10.2007 : Professional training - Collectif Tendance Floue, Paris


EXHIBITIONS (solo and collective, major and lesser)



Spring: The Shimmering Beast, Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne



14.10-13.11 : Enquête Photographique valaisanne, château de St-Maurice, Switzerland

03-24.09 : Credo, galerie Sator / galerie C, Paris 

14-19.06: Corbeau - Swiss Design Award 2016, Messe Basel Hall 3 

06.05-10.07: Maanantai Collective - Further I will not venture alone, Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia


03.09-03.10 : Metsästä, Verzasca Fotofestival, Sonogno, Switzerland
11.09-01.11 :  Chasses, l'Enquête Photographique Fribourgeoise 2010: Espace Frédéric Rouge, Aigle, Switzerland
20-26.07 : La Grande Scène, Paleo Festival Nyon / Muséee de L'Elysée, Switzerland
09.06 -09.08 : Helsinki-sur-Mer, Maanantai Collective, Institut Finlandais, Paris
16-22.02 : ADW2015, Arctic Design Week Rovaniemi, photography exhibition for jewelry artist Inka Kangasniemi
10.01-28.02 : Maanantai, Between the Flashes of the Lighthouse, Galerie Van der Mieden, Brussels
09.11.14-1.02 : Metsästä, Rituels – NEAR, La Ferme Asile, Sion, Switzerland




07-09.11 : Maanantai Collective, Artissima, Taik Persons Gallery, Torino

13.09-05.10 : Hordes et Nuées, CEPV – Festival Images, Vevey 

13.09-11.10 : Maanantai Collective – Between the Flashes of the Lighthouse, Taik Persons Gallery, Berlin

03.07-17.08 : Raconte-moi, Almost a Dog, communes de Lancy et Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland

17.05-15.09 : KaunasPhotoFestival – Crosscoutry Show, Rural Scenes and other works, Lithuania

19-23.02 : Arco Madrid, Nine Nameless Mountains by Maanantai, Taik Persons Gallery

16.01-01.03 : Anima - Galerie C, The Crow and the Crown – Metsästä – Chasses, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

09.01-23.02: Chasses, Club44 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland




14-17.11 : Maanantai Collective, Nine Nameless Mountains: Paris Photo, Taik Persons Gallery
12.10 – 07.12 : ReGeneration2, Lakeland, Polk Museum of Art, USA
04-06.10 : PhotoFever - Gallery C Neuchâtel - Brussels, Belgium
13.07-22.09 : Maanantai Collective, Nine Nameless Mountains: Alt. +1'000 Festival, Rossinière, Switzerland
13-29.09 : Metsästä - From The Woods, Global Photography - Sifest Festival, Savignano, Italy
24.05-01.09 : Maanantai Collective, Nine Nameless Mountains: Finnish Museum of Photography Project Space, Helsinki Finland
02.02-07.04 : Terra Nostra - PhotoforumPasquArt, Bienne, Switzerland




25.11-20.01.13 : Biennale dell'immagine, Spazio Officina, Chiasso, Switzerland
08.09-30.09 : Metsästä, Images Festival, Vevey, Switzerland
17-28.05 : Swiss Photo Award, ewz-Unterwerk Selnau, Zürich
03.03-15.04 : Visage(s) de l'Europe Rurale, Espace François-Mitterrand, GwinZegal, Guingamp




16.07-19.09 : Chasses, Alt. +1000, part of High Altitude Photo Festival, Rossinière, Switzerland
11.05-31.05  : Musée Batha, Rencontres Internationales de la Photo: ReGeneration2, Fez, Morocco
07.04-22.05 : Azzedine Aïala Gallery: ReGeneration2, Tomorrow’s photographers today, Paris
04.03-21.04  : AfterDark, Fetsival Trans(e): Chasses / Hunting Games, La Filature, Mulhouse
20.01-17.03 : Aperture Foundation Gallery: ReGeneration2, New York




16.09-13.11 : Chasses, Bibliothèque Cantonale Universitaire, Fribourg, Switzerland
10. 2010  : Flash Forward Festival, ReGeneration2, Tomorrow’s photographers today, Toronto
07-09.10 : Rencontres d’Arles: ReGeneration2, Tomorrow’s photographers today, Arles
06 - 09.10 : Musée de l’Elysée, ReGeneration2, Tomorrow’s photographers today, Lausanne




18.09 – 04.10  : Scènes Rurales, Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise, galerie du Grant T, Nantes, France
23.10 - 26.10 : Slick, Contemporary Art Fair, Scènes Rurales - Galerie Dix9, Paris
03.04 – 06.04 : Scènes Rurales, Lille Art Fair, Galerie Dix9, Paris




16.12 - 24.12  : Scènes Rurales,12e prix des jeunes talents, Centre de la photographie, Genève
13.11 – 20.12 : Scènes Rurales, Galerie Dix9, European Photographic Month, Paris, France
13.04 - 15.06 : Scènes Rurales, Fotoforum Pasquart, Bienne, Switzerland
16.05 - 30.05 : Scènes Rurales, 12e prix des jeunes talents, Stiftung Binz39, Zürich
01.02 - 02.03 : Accrochage08, Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne







2017: Nominated for Foam Paul Huf Award

2016: Nominated for Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

2015 : Enquête Photographique Valaisanne, Switzerland

2015: Public display grant, Art Council of Finland
2014 : Gwinzegal - Artist Residency, Bretagne, France
2014 : Prohelvetia aspiring photographers grant
11.2013 : Golden Award: Best German Photobooks 2014 with Nine Nameless Mountains by Maanantai
09.2013 : Aperture Paris Photo book award, shortlisted with Nine Nameless Mountains by Maanantai
06.2013 : The Art Council of Finland, travel grant USA
12.2012 : Photo Eye's best books 2012, nominated with Metsästä
12.2012 : Lens Culture International Exposure Award, honorable mention winner
11.2012 : German Photobook award / Deutscher Fotobuchpreis- nominated 2013 with Metsästä
11.2012 : Aperture Paris Photo book award, shortlisted with Metsästä
05.2012 : Swiss Photo Award, category free, Zürich
02.2012 : Nominated for Foam Paul Huf Award 2012
12.2012 : LUMI Photographic Award, 1st prize, Storaenso - Finland
05.2011 : IMAGES Photo Festival, lightning Award Broncolor, Vevey, Switzerland
04.2011 : Potfolio review, Finish Photography Museum, Helsinki, Finland
12.2010 : Aperture Portfolio Prize, Aperture Foundation, New York, USA
05.2010 : Alt. + 1000 Competition, photo festival, Rossinière, Switzerland
01.2010 : Wallpaper Magazine, graduate directory 2010, London, GB
09.2009 : ReGeneration2, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
05.2009 : Enquête Photographique Fribourgeoise 2009-10, avec le projet "Chasses", Fribourg, Switzerland
02.2008 : Prix des jeunes talents suisses, VFG, Zürich, Switzerland
02.2008 : Résidence à Réal, Pyrénées orientales - Collaboration avec le Forum de l’Image, Toulouse, France