Almost a Dog

Almost a dog is the name of a mountain. It is located on the Continental divide, the spine of the world according to the Blackfeet people. The mountain is close to the actual Blackfeet territory on the East side of the Rocky Mountains.


Almost a dog is also the name of a man.


In 2013, i found myself looking for the story of Almost a dog, whose tribe was entirely killed in January 1870 on the Marias River. 

I started then to walk towards Almost a Dog Mountain, looking back into History, taking photographs, and wondering what could be “almost a dog”? 

This body of work is built through an hazardous process of encounters and reconstruction by mixing images sources and their authorship. It renders to the viewer an experience of perception, of both personal and collective memory. 


- Archives images are the properties of the Historical Society of Whitefish Montana.


- Some images are photographs of found originals


Work in progress since 2013