La Grande Scène

This body of work was produced by the Paleo Festival & the Elysée Museum in Lausanne on the occasion of the 40th edition of Paleo festival in Nyon, July 2015.

The exhibition brings together 18 lightboxes and wallpapers of different formats. 


The photographs were realized together with the volunteer technical team (the so-called "golden team") and the roadies working on the main stage of the festival in July 2014. All the images were done in a closed and confined space right behind or below the stage. Here underneath this massive but ephemeral construction, they work, live and celebrate together. Like the crew of a big ship floating on the high sea, they hang their hammocks below the stage and share a bounded space, pushing cases of equipment and pulling cables, assembling, disassembling, for a special time, a short and intense moment in the shadow of the spotlight.